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Located in the heart of Midwood and with a second location in Yerushalayim, we're proud of our surgical expertise and our ability to put patients at ease, including those who have avoided going to the dentist for years.

With over 12 years of experience, our focus is on a pleasant, pain-free visit. Enjoy massage chairs, your choice of music, or TV during procedures. We prioritize transparency, explaining each step of your treatment. Plus, our dental implants come with a lifetime warranty. We're here for you!

Our efficient and caring staff takes an interest in your care from the start of our first call throughout the lifetime warranty we provide for your implants. 

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Agnes Boczek,
Dental Assistant


Zoila Chiqua,
Dental Assistant


Britney Baker
Dental Assistant

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Candice Ocaña,
Marketing Coordinator

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Dr. Robert Mikhli,
Implant Specialist

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Dr. Theodore Goff,
Anesthesia & Implant Specialist

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Dr. Daniel Schinazi,


Chagit Saddi,
Treatment Coordinator

Single & Full Mouth
(All-on X) Dental Implant Rehabilitation

Atraumatic Extractions, Wisdom Tooth Removal, & Bone Grafting

Candid Clear Aligners(No wires or brackets)

Relaxing Massage Chair Session, Music & TV Entertainment During Procedures

Same-Day Full Mouth Replacement Teeth
& Teeth Whitening

Gentle Sedation and Sleep Dentistry

Crown Lengthening and Sinus Augmentations

Lifetime Warranty on Dental Implants

Implant Supported Bridges & Overdentures

3D CBCT Scanning, Digital Impressions & In-House 3D Printing

Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP/PRF) For Natural Aid in Healing

All Periodontal Procedures
& Apicoectomy

Every smile has its unique journey. Depending on specific factors like the presence of sufficient bone or the need for tooth extraction, the treatment span can vary — from as quick as a day to a more extended period spanning five months, a year, or even longer. Remember, your personal treatment timeline is tailored to your unique anatomy, overall health, and the goals you aspire to achieve with us.
Step 1: Consultation & Exam
Here, we'll take a Cone Beam 3D Scan and take a series of photos that will allow us to better plan your treatment and naturally blend your new teeth with your unique facial features.
Steps 2-3: Extraction & Bone Grafting (If Necessary)
If there is a tooth present, we will atraumatically extract it and do bone grafting to maintain the jaw bone and facial support. This will help avoid a sunken-aged facial appearance.
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Steps 4-5: Digital Impression & Implant Placement
After a 3 to 4-month healing period, we'll place one or more implants. In many cases, we'll take digital impressions at the time of surgery to speed up the process.
Step 6: Post-Op & Prosthetic

After surgery, you will also come in for a 1-month post-op and a 3-month prosthetic check as well to maintain your implants for a lifetime.
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Step 7: Uncovery (If Necessary)
Next, we'll uncover the implant so that we can place the healing abutment. Depending on the case, we may be able to place the healing abutment on the same day of your implant visit.
Step 8: Crown Placement
During the last step, we will work with your referring dentist to digitally design your crown so that it can be ready for you right away after healing; saving 1 to 2 additional visits.

*While many dental insurance plans cover implants, several others do not including Medicare and Medicaid.

Please give us a call at (718) 376-9600 to learn more about your financial options.