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All-on-4 Procedure in Brooklyn, New York

By Dr. Robert Mikhli and Dr. Shlomo Eisenberg




Dental Rehabilitation

When all of the teeth in the mouth or within a single arch are too damaged to be saved, full mouth or arch rehabilitation is the ideal option to restore function to the mouth. When a full arch or mouth rehabilitation is necessary, the options are:

  • A complete removable denture or dentures

  • Removable implant stabilized overdentures for each arch

  • Fixed, implant retained prosthetics for each arch.  


Removable dentures are fabricated to fit over the gums and can be adhered to the tissue with temporary gel that acts as a sticky glue like substance to help hold the dentures in place during the day.  Dentures are removed from the mouth every night.  Many patients object to dentures due to their movement when speaking and eating, the potential for sore spots on the gums, large amounts of plastic across the palate and into the gum tissue, and the long term loss of jawbone.

Figure 5: Upper and lower dentures to replace a full arch of missing teeth.  No implants are involved



Implant stabilized dentures are also removable dentures, however they are stabilized with two to four implants. The denture itself is removed each night, however the implants remain in the mouth indefinitely.  Many patients prefer an overdenture over a removable non-stabilized denture because the implant stabilized denture is more secure when chewing and talking, there is no need for any adhesion gel or glue, the amount of plastic over the palate and into the gumline is significantly reduced and the placement of some implants allows the jawbone to have some structure to attach to, thus reducing the amount of bone loss. 







Figure 6: Implant stabilized denture (over denture). The denture is removable, but secured by implants to improve stability and balance 


Fixed, implant retained prosthetic arches are the state-of-the-art dental prosthesis for full arch rehabilitation.  Also known as the All-On-Four™ Procedure or Hybrid Prosthesis, the fixed, implant retained prosthetic is the ideal treatment for full arch or full mouth rehabilitation.  A hybrid prosthetic is retained in the mouth by four to eight implants.  The prosthetic is secured to the implants by the dentist and can only be removed in a dental office.  The prosthetic is very thin and appears like natural teeth.  The base is custom fit to the contours of the patients gums so there is a very tight fit, minimizing any food getting lodged beneath the prosthetic.  Patients are especially keen on the hybrid prosthesis because it is very thin and does not extend into the gumline or over the palate.   

Figure 7: Implant retained prosthesis. The prosthetic can only be removed by your dentist.  





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