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Atraumatic Extraction

An atraumatic tooth extraction limits damage to the soft tissues around the tooth unlike a traditional tooth extraction. After numbing the area with a local anesthetic, your dentist will remove the tooth vertically (similar to removing a corkscrew from a bottle of wine) versus using forceps to wiggle and twist the tooth out of its socket.


This gentler method causes less pain, bleeding, and swelling. It also speeds up recovery time. An atraumatic extraction allows for maximum bone preservation for immediate implant placement.











Image Source: @medicalnewstoday


Wisdom Teeth Extraction


Before extracting your wisdom teeth, the surgeon will numb the site with a local anesthetic and remove any gum or bone covering the area. The tooth is loosened from the connective tissue, gently removed, and dissolvable stitches placed.























Image Source: @medicalnewstoday




Book a Consultation

To determine whether an atraumatic or wisdom teeth extraction is necessary for proceeding with implant treatment, text or call (718) 376-9600 to book a consultation with a specialist.


Atraumatic Extraction and Wisdom Tooth Extraction Image 2.jpeg
Atraumatic Extraction and Wisdom Tooth Extraction Image 1.jpeg
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